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How to Overcome your Fears and Maximize Your Potential

January 12, 2022

In this episode Monica discusses how to overcome fear and not let it take over your life. She gives tips on how to become self-aware of your own mindset and ways to overcome a negative thought process.  



Monica Berg is the author of Fear is Not an Option and Rethink Love. She is the Chief communication officer for Kabbalah Centre International. During her teen years she developed an eating disorder which grew into anorexia and body dysmorphia. In her recovery she developed an understanding of the disease and how do help others.


She is now a spiritual writer and guide specializing in helping others identify and overcome life's greatest challenges to reach their most significant potential. Monica focuses on challenging people, encouraging them to reframe what they know. She is committed to serving organizations that support women and, in particular, focus on overcoming eating disorders. 


  • Monica's book Fear is not an option 
  • The breakdown of different types of fear from her book 
  • Tools to eradicate a specific type of fear
  • How to let go of control 
  • Maximizing your full potential to be your best person 



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