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How To Thrive in Uncertain Times w/ Dr Joan P. Ball

April 6, 2022

In this episode, Dr Joan P. Ball discusses how to thrive in uncertain times.



Stop, Ask, Explore: Learn to Navigate Change in Times of Uncertainty, author, educator and transition expert  Dr. Joan P. Ball offers a practical framework to help individuals, teams and organizations to prepare for turning points  and transitions—at work, at home, and in between.


Drawing upon more than a decade of research and practice, Joan  invites all of us to re-imagine our relationship with ambiguity and recognize the creative potential that exists in the messy  middle between life’s inevitable “What Now? Moments” and what comes next. 


This book introduces field-tested tools  that help readers to flourish in an era of unrelenting and exponential change.


 Unlike the many “how to” books that offer  overly simplistic and prescriptive suggestions, Joan’s work focuses on art and practice of curiosity, wayfinding, 


and  discernment as a means to “learn to” make sense of uncharted territory and learn to thrive in times of uncertainty.  



What inspired her to become a transition expert

How can individuals adapt to the constant changes brought on by the pandemic 

Discernment as a means to learn to make sense of uncharted territory 

The motivation behind her book Stop, Ask, Explore : Learn to navigate changes in times of uncertainty 



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